Kollade upp dedär med ''Instyle''s twilight produkter, det finns platttångar, locktångar och en massa annat... en massa hårborstar också, mer information:

Twihards, it’s time to unite for hair care: PRO Beauty Tools just announced it will release of an entire collection of Twilight-inspired hair tools—and has an exclusive first look at the line! The offering, officially named the Twilight Sparkle Tool Collection, includes nine products, each specifically designed to recreate characters’ hairstyles from the movies (i.e. use the chunky round brush to shape soft waves like Bella or try the mini flatiron for Edward’s smoothly tousled strands). Each piece also comes with a detailed how-to styling card, so you can perfect the look. The full collection, ranging from $13 to $40, hits Walmart, Kmart, and Best Buy stores October 1st. Click “See the Photos” to preview all the Twilight beauty tools now!

Jaa, jag skulle så vilja ha en twilight plattång ;)


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